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PyxisControl is an astronomy utility which can control Optec's Pyxis 2" and 3" Field Rotators. Additionally it can link to Software Bisque's TheSkyX Pro to control the orientation (Position Angle) of a selected Field of View Indicator (FOVI). These will be synchronized when both are connected to PyxisControl. A measured camera angle can also be …

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CloudWatcher is an astronomy utility which can control the AAG CloudWatcher hardware. It reproduces the look-and-feel of the Windows software which ships with the device, and can interoperate with that software. But it also offers many features in addition …

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DomeControl provides the software complement to the Dome control and Shutter control hardware projects.


Just below the centre of the window are the controls for the serial connections to the Dome controller and the Shutter controller. Connection to the telescope can be made …

SatTrackerBasic was designed for real-world prediction of satellite ground tracks. It is highly accurate and, with fresh sets of orbital elements downloaded from within the application, it will keep that accuracy indefinitely. It provides ground tracks for multiple satellites, like other applications, but unlike others, it will compute visibility for multiple …

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