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SatTrackerBasic was designed for real-world prediction of satellite ground tracks. It is highly accurate and, with fresh sets of orbital elements downloaded from within the application, it will keep that accuracy indefinitely. It provides ground tracks for multiple satellites, like other applications, but unlike others, it will compute visibility for multiple ground stations. It also provides plots for the transits at stations.


As well as ground tracks, the application calculates daytime, twilight and night-time regions as well as calculating when each satellite is illuminated so that it can be seen.


• Sun and Moon position (and moon phase) are plotted;

• current cloud cover is optionally downloaded and displayed;

• the location of the South Atlantic Anomaly (which can affect satellite operations) is shown for a given satellite;

• ground station horizons are plotted, taking account of the real horizon obstructions, for both transmit and receive links;

• ground stations are grouped into related sets;

• plots are either on a rectangular grid or a pair of polar projections;

• full control over simulation time is available.


This application has actually been used in planning real satellite operations!


Enhanced versions, SatTracker and SatTrackerPro will be available later.

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