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PyxisControl is an astronomy utility which can control Optec's Pyxis 2" and 3" Field Rotators. Additionally it can link to Software Bisque's TheSkyX Pro to control the orientation (Position Angle) of a selected Field of View Indicator (FOVI). These will be synchronized when both are connected to PyxisControl. A measured camera angle can also be entered and this will result in automatic offsetting of the Pyxis rotation angle to compensate.

PyxisControl Control Tab


• rotation controlled by clicking a graphic dial;

• rotation can also be nudged by selectable amounts;

• rotation can be commanded to an exact angle;

• PyxisControl uses recent updates to the command protocol to enable fractional angles;

• PyxisControl remains backwards compatible with all previous versions of the Pyxis firmware;

• rotation direction can be specified as clockwise or counter-clockwise to account for arbitrary reflections in the optical path;

• general Pyxis commands can be sent: Home, Sleep, Wake and Restore;

• advanced configuration of the Pyxis can be performed.


PyxisControl offers Mac-based astronomers the opportunity to use all the capabilities of the Optec Pyxis serial-controlled rotators.


Note that a USB-Serial converter is needed to use this application for Pyxis control. The USB-controlled Pyxis LE is not supported.

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